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/NinjaTrader 8/BookMap Global+ v7.1, $99 per month, (May 2020), (
1. Daniel Skalak31.05.2020 23:52:40
2. Ferran Font31.05.2020 23:53:21
3. Jason Love31.05.2020 23:53:31
4. John Slazas31.05.2020 23:54:00
5. Snippets31.05.2020 23:55:09
6. Details Webinars31.05.2020 23:54:17
7. Live Order Flow Advanced Analysis - Recorded Webinars31.05.2020 23:55:03
2015-08-03 11.00 BookMap Live - Order Flow at Levels.mp4207.5 M16.12.2016 11:06:16
Activating Bookmap Trade Strategies.mp424.3 M16.12.2016 10:53:03
BookMap 4-4 New features.mp434.4 M16.12.2016 10:54:24
BookMap 4-5 New Features.mp472.7 M16.12.2016 10:56:27
Bookmap 5 , une machine de guerre ultime. - YouTube (720p).mp4133.0 M16.12.2016 10:59:44
Bookmap 5.0 overview - YouTube (360p).mp423.3 M16.12.2016 10:49:50
Bookmap 5.0 overview - YouTube (720p).mp453.5 M18.11.2016 9:41:07
BookMap Columns.mp419.7 M16.12.2016 11:16:09
BookMap connecting to TransAct Futures.mp42.9 M16.12.2016 10:52:23
BookMap for IB users.mp412.7 M16.12.2016 11:23:53
BookMap import to Ninja Trader.mp46.3 M16.12.2016 11:21:51
BookMap Introduction.mp412.6 M16.12.2016 11:23:09
BookMap Movie.mp412.4 M16.12.2016 11:22:28
BookMap Run Options Window.mp43.8 M16.12.2016 11:16:10
BookMap Toobar Contrast and Volume Dots.mp417.1 M16.12.2016 11:18:12
BookMap Toolbar Settings.mp411.2 M16.12.2016 11:17:43
BookMap Toolbar Synchronize.mp415.3 M16.12.2016 11:16:45
BookMap X_Trader ADL Combination.mp45.0 M16.12.2016 11:17:13
BookMap xRay - Large Lot Tracker Example.mp411.4 M16.12.2016 11:16:57
BookMap xRay - Tips and Tircks.mp417.8 M16.12.2016 11:01:15
BookMap xRay Breakdown ES.mp411.2 M16.12.2016 11:09:42
BookMap xRay Breakdown.mp48.1 M16.12.2016 11:13:11
BookMap xRay Breakout Euro.mp413.2 M16.12.2016 11:10:58
BookMap xRay CL 2014-10-27.mp446.2 M16.12.2016 11:14:51
BookMap xRay CL Aggressive Volume.mp48.8 M16.12.2016 11:10:00
BookMap xRay CL Crude Inventories News.mp418.4 M16.12.2016 11:12:58
BookMap xRay CL John Slazas.mp49.0 M16.12.2016 11:15:02
BookMap xRay CL Trend Lines.mp47.3 M16.12.2016 11:12:42
BookMap xRay CL use with other indicators.mp414.8 M16.12.2016 11:14:37
BookMap xRay CL VWAP Trades.mp417.5 M16.12.2016 11:14:47
BookMap xRay contrast configurations.mp411.4 M16.12.2016 11:17:30
BookMap xRay Depth Data Recording.mp47.1 M16.12.2016 11:13:06
BookMap xRay Failed Breakout.mp48.9 M16.12.2016 11:09:27
BookMap Xray for X_Trader Pro.mp412.8 M16.12.2016 11:21:21
BookMap xRay Iceberg ES 05-11-2015.mp46.5 M16.12.2016 11:12:15
BookMap xRay Iceberg ES.mp46.3 M16.12.2016 11:10:32
BookMap xRay Imbalance Indicators.mp413.0 M16.12.2016 11:11:27
BookMap xRay Intro - including new features.mp413.6 M16.12.2016 11:23:40
BookMap xRay Intro for X_TRADERĀ® Pro.mp412.9 M16.12.2016 11:22:56
BookMap Xray intro.mp47.6 M16.12.2016 11:23:24
BookMap xRay John Slazas.mp47.1 M16.12.2016 11:12:31
BookMap xRay Lewis Borsellino - Goosing the Market.mp411.2 M16.12.2016 11:13:01
BookMap xRay S u0026P Exhaustion.mp410.5 M16.12.2016 11:09:52
BookMap xRay S u0026P Flurry Aggressive Volume.mp416.2 M16.12.2016 11:12:05
BookMap xRay S&P - Bullish Battle.mp48.6 M16.12.2016 11:12:01
BookMap xRay S&P Absorption.mp429.0 M16.12.2016 11:11:17
BookMap xRay S&P Candelsticks.mp46.3 M16.12.2016 11:13:22
BookMap xRay S&P EMA.mp49.5 M16.12.2016 11:15:01
BookMap xRay S&P High Volume Node.mp46.6 M16.12.2016 11:08:57
BookMap xRay S&P Large Lot Tracker.mp47.2 M16.12.2016 11:12:27
BookMap xRay S&P MACD 310 trend.mp411.6 M16.12.2016 11:15:50
BookMap xRay S&P offer out FIFO.mp415.8 M16.12.2016 11:14:02
BookMap xRay S&P Rangebound.mp48.8 M16.12.2016 11:09:26
BookMap xRay S&P Shadowing.mp45.4 M16.12.2016 11:10:23
BookMap xRay S5 Opening Drive.mp49.5 M16.12.2016 11:13:34
BookMap xRay Sweeping the Book ES.mp45.3 M16.12.2016 11:09:08
BookMap xRay volume profile settings.mp413.4 M16.12.2016 11:20:17
BookMap xRay Volume Profiles.mp433.3 M16.12.2016 11:12:11
BookMap xRay VWAPS.mp414.7 M16.12.2016 11:10:30
BookMap xRay Webinar on HFT strategies July 1st 2014.mp469.2 M16.12.2016 11:19:45
BookMap xRay webinar.mp4147.2 M16.12.2016 11:24:26
Bookmap. - YouTube (720p).mp4123.7 M21.11.2016 8:14:48
BookMap.mp417.3 M16.12.2016 11:19:10
Bookmap_Open_SP500_Massimo.mp431.0 M01.02.2017 18:44:09
Bookmap_Open_SP500_Massimo_Analysis.mp4269.3 M01.02.2017 19:28:29
CL - Descending Wedge Pattern.mp46.4 M16.12.2016 11:07:00
CL Breakout and V Bottom.mp411.8 M16.12.2016 11:09:08
CL Double Bottom Pattern.mp44.7 M16.12.2016 11:06:23
CL Engulfing Pattern.mp47.4 M16.12.2016 11:08:03
CL Footprint Charts.mp47.8 M16.12.2016 11:07:20
CL Fundamental Economic Release.mp47.6 M16.12.2016 11:07:50
CL Head and Shoulders Pattern.mp46.3 M16.12.2016 11:07:35
CQG Web API.mp42.4 M16.12.2016 10:51:14
Download and Install BookMap.mp411.1 M16.12.2016 11:15:22
ES Aggressive Limit Order Flow in a Trend.mp47.9 M16.12.2016 10:57:04
ES Aggressive Limit Orders - YouTube (720p).mp48.6 M17.11.2016 19:33:16
ES Aggressive Limit Orders.mp48.7 M16.12.2016 10:58:37
ES Algo Buying Activity.mp412.4 M16.12.2016 10:52:03
ES Bollinger Bands.mp47.7 M16.12.2016 11:11:37
ES Bottoming Pattern Lack of Liquidity.mp411.0 M16.12.2016 11:08:13
ES Breakout and Reversal.mp46.0 M16.12.2016 10:58:47
ES Breakout Trade Order Flow.mp411.3 M16.12.2016 10:59:21
ES Breakout.mp49.9 M16.12.2016 11:02:50
ES Change in the Liquidity.mp412.9 M16.12.2016 10:57:08
ES Doji Candlestick.mp410.3 M16.12.2016 11:10:16
ES Exhaustion.mp46.7 M16.12.2016 11:02:17
ES Fail of Previous High of Day.mp44.9 M16.12.2016 11:06:31
ES Horizontal Support Level.mp48.4 M16.12.2016 11:01:59
ES Identifying Larger Players.mp419.0 M16.12.2016 10:55:19
ES Insights into Lack of Order Flow.mp410.2 M16.12.2016 10:56:29
ES Large Lot Tracker Advantage.mp412.0 M16.12.2016 10:59:35
ES Limit Order Book Slope Imbalance.mp412.4 M16.12.2016 11:08:47
ES Market Exhaustion in a Trend - YouTube (720p).mp47.7 M17.11.2016 19:31:01
ES Market Exhaustion in a Trend.mp47.8 M16.12.2016 11:08:24
ES On Balance Volume.mp48.5 M16.12.2016 11:00:01
ES Order Flow and Higher Acceptance.mp48.3 M16.12.2016 11:01:42
ES Order Flow Bidding Lower and Exhaustion.mp47.4 M16.12.2016 10:57:21
ES Order Flow Bidding Lower.mp49.8 M16.12.2016 10:58:07
ES Order Flow Flip from Bid to Offer Part 2.mp410.0 M16.12.2016 10:56:54
ES Order Flow Flip from Bid to Offer.mp47.7 M16.12.2016 11:08:44
ES Order Flow in a Trend.mp48.7 M16.12.2016 11:08:28
ES Price Structure and Order Flow Part 2.mp45.2 M16.12.2016 11:08:11
ES Price Structure and Order Flow.mp45.6 M16.12.2016 10:58:26
ES Price Swing Analysis.mp49.6 M16.12.2016 11:00:31
ES Resistance becomes Support.mp49.5 M16.12.2016 10:58:00
ES Stop Run - YouTube (720p).mp45.1 M17.11.2016 19:29:13
ES Stop Run.mp45.2 M16.12.2016 11:07:41
ES Trading Momentum.mp46.1 M19.12.2016 14:40:54
ES Trapped Volume.mp47.1 M16.12.2016 11:09:10
ES Volume and Breakout.mp49.8 M16.12.2016 10:56:01
ES Volume and Order Flow.mp49.5 M16.12.2016 10:53:43
Getting Around BookMap.mp410.9 M16.12.2016 11:15:26
Getting S5 Trader and BookMap connected in less than 2 minutes.mp41.8 M16.12.2016 11:09:26
How to import and run BookMap xRay on NinjaTrader.mp410.0 M16.12.2016 11:20:48
How to place orders on BookMap xRay.mp444.2 M16.12.2016 11:21:24
How to use BookMap xRay replay.mp49.4 M16.12.2016 11:19:23
Iceberg orders and BookMap.mp414.3 M16.12.2016 11:19:37
IQ Feed.mp44.5 M16.12.2016 10:51:28
Ninja 8.mp43.2 M16.12.2016 10:51:54
NinjaTrader 7 Quick Start Guide.mp412.7 M25.01.2017 14:01:15
Record Live Data on BookMap.mp48.1 M16.12.2016 11:16:27
Replay Mode.mp44.1 M16.12.2016 10:53:14
Rithmic.mp42.8 M16.12.2016 10:51:43
Run Options Window.mp43.3 M16.12.2016 10:51:33
Running BookMap on CQG.mp43.1 M16.12.2016 11:16:02
Running BookMap on Interactive Brokers TWS.mp44.7 M16.12.2016 11:17:01
Running BookMap on NinjaTrader.mp43.8 M16.12.2016 11:16:19
Running BookMap on S5 Trader.mp48.0 M16.12.2016 11:17:02
Running BookMap on TT X_Trader Pro.mp42.7 M16.12.2016 11:16:36
Scalp crude oil 20h30 01er novembre 2016. - YouTube (360p).mp414.1 M16.12.2016 10:52:49
Scalping with BookMap xRay.mp414.7 M16.12.2016 11:19:57
Tips and Tricks.mp446.7 M16.12.2016 10:59:39
Trading Machine losses money to manual trader that uses BookMap application - Example 1.mp48.9 M16.12.2016 11:20:52
Trading Machine losses money to manual trader that uses BookMap application - Example 2.mp418.8 M16.12.2016 11:20:38
True Order Flow Reading the tape with S5 Bookmap and VeloxPro.mp4334.6 M25.01.2017 16:50:44
TT API - YouTube.mp42.7 M16.12.2016 10:58:52
Using BookMap on multiple computers.mp47.6 M16.12.2016 11:10:03
Using BookMap s Large Lot Tracker on the Emini S&P Futures.mp45.2 M16.12.2016 11:13:16
View Spoofing with BookMap xRay.mp49.0 M16.12.2016 11:18:47

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