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Description.txt8.4 K05.07.2011 16:57:47
FulcrumTradeinventory run, and a neutralization of resistance zone resting inventory.mp448.3 M23.08.2010 8:24:00
FulcrumTrader How to set up Investor RT charting with the “Volume Breakdown” tool for tracking Cumulative Delta.mp428.6 M23.08.2010 8:27:00
FulcrumTrader 3 primary steps for hidden Divergence.flv37.7 M23.08.2010 8:25:00
FulcrumTrader Basic Delta Divergence Trade Entry Criteria.flv33.1 M23.08.2010 8:29:00
FulcrumTrader Delta Divergence tracking, price rotations description, scalp trade entry & management techniques.mp421.3 M23.08.2010 8:30:00
FulcrumTrader Hidden Delta Divergence Set-ups.mp4255.0 M23.08.2010 8:43:00
FulcrumTrader How to set and track the NYSE $TICK Market Breadth indicator as you get ready for scalp trade entries.mp415.2 M23.08.2010 8:44:00
FulcrumTrader How to track a Delta Divergence LONG trade entry.mp428.1 M23.08.2010 10:21:00
FulcrumTrader Introduction to Delta Volume, Intrabar Delta, and Cumulative Delta.mp468.1 M23.08.2010 8:47:00
FulcrumTrader Live market commentary while tracking Delta.mp4275.4 M23.08.2010 10:34:00
FulcrumTrader Order Flow Transition trade entry criteria and WHEN to initiate a trade.mp427.2 M23.08.2010 8:48:00
FulcrumTrader_2.mp480.6 M23.08.2010 8:52:00
FulcrumTraderTracking a Delta Divergence at new highs after a previous resistance zone is traded through.mp498.7 M23.08.2010 8:57:00
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