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/Trading Knowledge I-II-III/Brett N.Steenbarger - Unsorted Articles about the Psychology of Trading (
A Dozen Reflections on Life and Markets.doc26.0 K02.07.2005 12:36:04
A Trader's Self-Evaluation Checklist.doc26.5 K02.07.2005 12:21:02
Accepting the Obvious.doc31.5 K02.07.2005 12:36:46
Anticipating Market Turns.doc26.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:58
Assessing Intraday Trendiness.doc70.0 K02.07.2005 12:29:06
Becoming the Person You Know You Can Be.doc28.5 K23.11.2005 8:54:20
Behavioral Patterns That Sabotage Traders2.doc34.5 K02.07.2005 12:23:51
Brett Steenbarger - Overcoming-Market-Panic.pdf139.5 K14.09.2005 12:03:25
Brett Steinbarger - Trader Development.doc28.0 K23.11.2005 8:53:07
Changing How We Cope.doc32.0 K23.11.2005 8:54:27
Changing Your Mind.doc24.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:02
Coping With Risk and Uncertainty.doc33.5 K23.11.2005 8:57:17
Dead But Dreaming.doc34.0 K02.07.2005 12:24:00
Destructive Patterns in Trading.doc28.0 K02.07.2005 12:24:08
Experts.doc30.5 K23.11.2005 8:54:47
Explaining Market Success.doc28.5 K02.07.2005 12:24:13
ExposeYourself.doc50.5 K02.07.2005 12:24:19
Find the Zone.doc61.5 K02.07.2005 12:20:43
Finding Solutions.doc47.0 K02.07.2005 12:24:27
How Experts Make Decisions Under Uncertainty.doc36.5 K02.07.2005 12:24:35
How Experts Make Decisions Under Uncertainty2.doc32.0 K02.07.2005 12:24:39
How to Take a Loss.doc29.5 K02.07.2005 12:37:25
Identifying Breakout Moves.doc92.0 K02.07.2005 12:29:36
Information Processing and Trading.doc29.5 K02.07.2005 12:24:50
Last Exit for the Lost.doc27.0 K02.07.2005 12:24:56
LBRSession.doc41.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:21
Learning to Trade.doc58.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:03
Market Psychology Questionnaire.doc37.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:08
Market Psychology.doc63.5 K02.07.2005 12:29:46
Measuring Trend and Trendiness - II.doc68.5 K02.07.2005 12:30:00
Measuring Trend and Trendiness.doc72.5 K02.07.2005 12:29:56
Micropsychology of the Markets.doc32.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:13
My Trading System.doc29.5 K02.07.2005 12:30:04
On Becoming a Swing Trader.doc30.5 K02.07.2005 12:30:13
Personality and Trend Following.doc31.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:18
Perspectives From Dr.doc25.5 K02.07.2005 12:28:09
Planning Your Losses.doc33.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:26
Playing Defense.doc60.5 K02.07.2005 12:30:18
Preparation in Trading.doc27.5 K02.07.2005 12:28:14
Quantifying Mind.doc33.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:32
Reasoning and Trading.doc29.0 K02.07.2005 12:25:44
Remapping the Mind.doc54.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:49
Repetition and Greatness.doc26.5 K02.07.2005 12:28:20
Responding to Adversity.doc51.5 K02.07.2005 12:25:55
Reversals in Minds and Markets.doc37.5 K02.07.2005 12:26:01
Risk and Success.doc29.0 K02.07.2005 12:26:06
Seeking the Path of Least Comfort.doc33.0 K02.07.2005 12:26:27
Shifts in the Market.doc25.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:26
Short-Term Trading1.doc46.0 K02.07.2005 12:29:16
Short-Term Trading2.doc31.5 K02.07.2005 12:29:21
Stationarity.doc42.0 K02.07.2005 12:30:31
Swing Trading Methodology.doc34.5 K02.07.2005 12:30:09
Tacit Knowledge and Trading.doc24.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:31
The Challenge of Changing Yourself.doc24.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:36
The Dream.doc34.5 K02.07.2005 12:26:34
The Mindset of the Successful Trader.doc25.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:42
The Morality of Trading.doc30.0 K26.07.2005 12:51:59
The Three Vices of Trading.doc35.5 K02.07.2005 12:26:39
The Trader as Psychologist.doc25.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:47
Traders' Questionnaire.doc36.0 K02.07.2005 12:26:44
Trading as a Performance Sport.doc31.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:04
Trading as Mental Warfare.doc60.0 K02.07.2005 12:26:59
Trading by Rules.doc43.5 K02.07.2005 12:35:54
Trading the Ranger Way.doc45.5 K02.07.2005 12:27:14
Training New Traders.doc33.5 K02.07.2005 12:27:29
Trusting the Rally.doc43.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:33
What It Takes to Win in the Markets.doc25.0 K02.07.2005 12:28:51
When to Play.doc29.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:38
Why We Trade.doc27.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:43
Will Your Portfolio Become a Prisoner of War.doc45.0 K02.07.2005 12:27:49

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