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/Trading Knowledge II/Bronson Capital Markets Research - SuperCycle Analysis/
Bronson Asset Allocation Cycles.doc97.5 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycle Exhibit 2, Ball Bouncing Downstairs.gif15.4 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01a1, Real Total Return Since 1871.gif20.4 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01a2, Real Total Return 128 % distributions.gif26.5 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01a3, Real Total Return 128 log distributions.gif27.9 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01a4, Real Total Return 113 log 16-year distributions.gif31.3 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01b Consumer Price Inflation trends since 1871.gif21.2 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01c, Nominal Total Return Since 1871.gif16.2 K15.10.2002 14:03:34
Supercycles 01d, Previous 60, and subsequent 70 years of nominal total returns.gif18.6 K15.10.2002 14:03:36
Supercycles 01e, Dividend Payout Ratios.gif38.6 K15.10.2002 14:03:36
Supercycles 01f, Dividend Yields since 1871.gif17.3 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 01g, Nominal Price-Only Return Since 1871.gif17.0 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 01h, Supercycle Emergence.gif18.5 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 01i, Supercycles and both real total return best fits.gif21.3 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 02a, Policy-Maker Effects on Long Term Equity Investment Returns.gif16.3 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 02b, Fed interest rate policy and K-cycles.gif47.9 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 03, Real Price-Only Return Since 1871.gif19.0 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 04a, What They Look Like.gif20.9 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 04b, What They Look Like.gif40.7 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 04c, What They Look Like.gif31.1 K15.10.2002 14:03:22
Supercycles 04d, This and previous ones using 12- and 20-year intersections.gif38.4 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 04e, 32-YrTotal Return Gain Ratio Index.gif31.5 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 05a, 1871-1986 recessions, BAAC Supercycle and K-cycle trough.gif43.0 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 05b, 1881-96-1920.gif20.8 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 06, last two K-cycles.gif13.2 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 07a, K-cycle, stylized Economic Eras.gif7.7 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 07b, historical spiral dates and Economic Eras.gif15.2 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 07c, Distribution of Recognized Binary Harmonic Cycles.gif20.2 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 07d, carrier wave plus 2 cycles and uptrend yields quaternary pattern.gif12.4 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 08a, Economic Eras and JOC-ERCI Industrial Price Index.gif44.8 K15.10.2002 14:03:10
Supercycles 08b, CRB subindices and our 10-7-97 deflationary Supercycle call.gif53.4 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 08c, ECRI Future Inflation Gauge, PPI and CPI.gif18.5 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 08d, GDP IPD and PCE going to deflation.gif27.5 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 08e, PPI and CPI 12-mos r-o-c and our deflation projections.gif30.3 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 09, 130 yrs CPI - reflation, inflation, disinflation, deflation and forecast.gif27.8 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 09b, 55 yrs PPI - reflation, inflation, disinflation, deflation and forecast.gif17.5 K15.10.2002 14:02:56
Supercycles 10a, Major Asset Class Inter-Market Supercycle Trends - Stylized.gif28.6 K15.10.2002 14:02:58
Supercycles 10b, 16-yr total return oscillator with Buy-and-Hold failures.gif37.1 K15.10.2002 14:02:58
Supercycles 11a, Supercycles and wars.gif37.1 K15.10.2002 14:02:58
Supercycles 11b, Supercycles, K-cycle and major wars -stylized.gif16.4 K15.10.2002 14:02:58
Supercycles 12a, daily all exchanged-traded common stock breadth.gif29.5 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 12b, weekly all exchanged-traded common stock breadth.gif23.8 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 13a, productivity growth rates since 1947.gif30.2 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 13b, productivity peak in 2030.gif27.2 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 13c, productivity peak since 4-99.gif21.3 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 13d, Live Births and Supercycles.gif25.5 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
Supercycles 14, Equity Risk Premia since 1930.gif19.8 K15.10.2002 14:02:44
TMW, VGY Supercycle bear market periods thru the 10-3-02 low.gif30.0 K15.10.2002 14:02:44

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