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/Trading Knowledge II/Eugene F.Fama & Merton Miller - The Theory of Finance/
Chapter 1 A Model of the Accumulation and Allocation of Weal.pdf8.3 M24.04.2003 6:31:22
Chapter 2 Extension of the Model to Durable Commodities Prod.pdf4.5 M24.04.2003 6:36:00
Chapter 3 Criteria For Optimal Investment Decsions.pdf3.7 M24.04.2003 6:39:14
Chapter 4 Financing Decisions, Investment Decisions, and the.pdf4.8 M24.04.2003 6:43:14
Chapter 5 The Expected Utility Approach to the Problem of Ch.pdf3.0 M24.04.2003 6:45:20
Chapter 6 The Two Period Consumption Investment Model.pdf6.4 M24.04.2003 6:52:30
Chapter 8 Multiperiod Models.pdf2.3 M24.04.2003 6:54:20
The Theory of Finance Preface and Table of Contents.pdf2.6 M24.04.2003 6:57:10

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